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Faculty and District Partners

Important procedural details and resources are offered in this section for cooperating teachers who are hosting a student teacher at Illinois State University as well as for faculty and supervisors at Illinois State University.

University Faculty

University Supervisors

University supervisors act as intermediaries between the university and the host school. University supervisors are hired by individual programs.


  • Plan the student teaching semester in collaboration with the cooperating teacher and the teacher candidate.
  • Provide information about requirements and teaching standards.
  • Observe and Conference with the student teacher every two weeks.
    • Pre-conference, observe, and post-conference with the student teacher for each visit.
  • Collaborate with the cooperating teacher to determine the mid-term and final student teaching grades.
  • Mediate problems as they arise.
  • Submit final grade and evaluation of placement via online student teaching documentation process.

Student Teaching Documentation

All university supervisors must complete and submit their final evaluation via the Student Teaching Documentation Form through Campus Solutions. Please use the following resources in submitting final evaluations:

To assist in the process, you may use the following sheet to collect information before entering it online.

  • Reminder: Only the online documentation is official.